February 3, 2024

Wedding Fashion Trends 2024

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Now that we’ve talked about the trending colors for this year’s weddings, what about the fashion?? There’s a few things we’re going to start seeing more and more of at weddings this year, and I’m happy to report that none of them are too crazy or over-the-top. Including any of these wedding fashion trends in your wedding won’t automatically “date” it – meaning, it won’t look out of date or “so 2024” in a few years time. Instead, incorporating one or two of these trends will help you keep your wedding look current and “of the moment.” Just be sure to only follow the trends that are truly your style! (don’t know what that is?! Sign up for my emails and get my free Signature Style Statement worksheet to start your style journey!)

Just because it’s IN style doesn’t make it YOUR style.

Coordinated – not matching – bridesmaids

Bridesmaids wearing different colors or dress styles has been trending for quite a few years, and is now almost the norm. However, this year expect to see it even more exaggerated as there will be different patterns and even two-piece outfits mixed in. While nothing will be matching whatsoever, the color story and fabrics should still harmonize and the individual styles match the over-all wedding style (whether that’s romantic and flowy or modern and edgy).

Statement sleeves

Wed Utah Wedding Dress Rentals
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It’s all about the sleeves! Dramatic volume is everything right now. Even if you don’t want to play with the big proportions, sleeves that are sheer or have textured details (like cutouts, lace, or beading) will still make a statement. This is not going to work for everyone depending on their body type and height, so make sure you know your best proportions before going for this look!

Textured fabric

Photo by Mindy Briar Photography

Volume isn’t just for sleeves – fabric itself is increasing in height through texture. This can be through lace and cutout work, appliques of beading and embroidery, or more dramatic as ruffles and sewn-on flowers.

Vintage details

Photo by Madi B. Photo

Vintage is IN, and with a flourish. Wearing vintage details is not just an elegant nod to the past, it’s the style of today. Details such as pearls, lace, and bows are classic choices on their own, but if you really want to embrace this trend, combine a few together for more impact. You can even go all out with elbow length gloves!

Wedding wardrobes

Photo by Mindy Briar Photography

I just mentioned three current fashion trends for your wedding day. But they’re not just for your bridal gown – they’re trending in the fashion industry as a whole. That’s important if you’d like to style your full wedding wardrobe: our next trend. The idea is a styled wardrobe thoughtfully curated for every wedding event leading up to the big day. This includes engagement parties, engagement photos, bridal showers, rehearsal, day-after brunch, and then on to your honeymoon. After all, you’re only engaged a short time, so make the most of it every single day! Do this by creating a capsule wardrobe specifically for your engagement season when you need to look amazing always, but have no time to worry about “what am I going to wear?!” If you need help with that, fill out my inquiry form for more details:

Themed dress codes

Photo by Mindy Briar Photography

There’s two reasons I love this trend and hope to see more of it. 1) It’s fun! For your guests who are needing to find the right ensemble, this adds a little more anticipation and excitement as they plan for your big day. Think of a color code, a tropical theme, or even roaring 20s and enjoy seeing how creative your friends can be! Just be careful – too crazy a request can add overwhelm instead of fun, and that defeats the purpose. 2) Your pictures will look amazing! From ceremony to reception, a consistent look among your guests will help your wedding to have an overall style that will photograph beautifully (except where the two or three people that didn’t follow directions stick out like sore thumbs. So we’re back to: it’s fun!).

Renting the dress

Wed Utah Wedding Dress Rentals
Photo provided by Wed Utah

If you’re wanting to host an eco-friendly wedding, this trend might be for you. Instead of purchasing one dress that’s good for one day at a price that’s more than 10x what you would normally spend on a dress.. here’s a way to reduce waste and repurpose a perfectly beautiful gown. You get to enjoy it for the day, and then send it on it’s way for someone else to enjoy. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy not having to store a gown you’ll never wear again. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons with this! If you’re dreaming of having your daughter or granddaughter wear your gown on their wedding day, this is definitely not the trend for you.

Those are a few of the main trends in 2024 wedding fashion, but there’s more to come! Make sure you’re on my email list to get notified when I post next – there’s so many more trends, and they don’t all fit in one post!

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