January 19, 2024

Wedding Color Trends of 2024

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Colorful Woodland Wedding
Photography by Carly Short

It’s a new year, which means new trends are emerging and it’s time to talk about the wedding color trends that are up and coming! 2024 weddings are being planned and we’re starting to see patterns, so you can see what you like – or don’t like! – of what’s trending and get inspiration for your own color palette.. Since that’s one of the most important pieces in your planning (everything builds from your colors), knowing the following trends can help you decide what you want and make a lot of progress in your planning.

Why should I care what’s trending?

Trends are a two-sided coin; on the one hand, it’s hard to stay unique and not look like all the other weddings following the same trend. But on the other hand, sourcing items and colors for supplies is a lot easier (and sometimes cheaper) when it’s popular.

The most important thing to keep in mind is whether you like a trend because you keep seeing it everywhere, or because it’s actually your style. I’ve seen too many brides choose the latest trend, only to realize a few months into planning that it’s not actually their style or true to them. If you want my (free!) solution, I invite you to sign up for my emails and learn about how you can discover your personal style so you’re not swayed by all the trends coming at you:

So now, here are a few of the wedding color palettes that are trending for 2024!

Lots of Colors

Bold Color – Especially Magenta – is in. Last year Viva Magenta was Pantone’s “Color of the Year” and then the Barbie movie solidified it as THE color right now. Expect this color to stay front and center for awhile – this year, you can choose a monochrome palette in many shades of pink, or all the varied colors of a bright and beautiful garden.

Sunset Shades

The boho craze of the last few years has been taking a turn, and it’s been going retro. This year, think brocade and corduroy fabrics from the 70s, with a sleek, modern look in neutral, monochromatic colors OR in bright pops of color – so groovy. If you haven’t heard yet, Peach Fuzz is Pantone’s “Color of the Year” for 2024, and we’re already seeing this color EVERYWHERE!

Wildflower Fields

This color palette is so versatile and works with just about every style. It brings a natural, earthy aesthetic wherever it goes, and works best with organic rather than classically elegant styles.

Lilac Monochrome

Are you starting to see a common thread? Monochrome in literally ANY color is on trend. and lilac is one of the top choices since it’s soft, calming, and elegant.

Neutral Monochrome

This color palette is also trending in fashion and home design, representing “quiet luxury” (which emphasizes elegance, simplicity, and quality).

Blue Monochrome

Because we’re still obsessing over dusty blue, but we’re also ready for other blues to step into the spotlight.

Dusty Blues and Yellows

Did I mention we’re still obsessing over dusty blue? There have been very few seasons when blue and yellow hasn’t been on trend in some form; this year the emphasis is on soft and natural.

Classic White, Green, and Black

This is another palette that never goes out of style, but a few 2023 celebrity weddings brought it to everyone’s attention again.

There are a LOT of beautiful color palettes trending right now, but there do seem to be a few main themes: bold color, classic and timeless, or soft and organic. So no matter what your personal style is, you’ll be able to find a few trends you can integrate that will give your wedding a modern, of the moment look!

Want to see what else is trending?! Check out my post about the top wedding fashion trends here! If you’re not signed up for my emails yet, be sure to do that so you don’t miss a new blog post.

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