This is the ultimate style makeover! As we begin your style journey, you'll learn how wearing your best colors and style will make the right first impression and draw attention to your face (where your mouth is!). That's why we'll also make sure your face GLOWS as the radiant light you are!

It all starts in Step 1 with your Style Statement, where you'll define the message your style communicates to the world. Then, in Step 2 we'll complete The Color Experience, where we'll explore your color code in more detail and identify your skin type. You'll learn the best colors for your color code - including neutrals, metallics, patterns, and makeup. All should be your best! You'll receive physical and digital Color Swatch Decks of your best colors, as well as all-natural skincare samples to help your skin glow.

The Ultimate Styling

Your best colors + style, head to toe!

choose a plan

choose a plan

Next is Step 3, where we'll complete The Style Experience; here we'll discuss how to best dress your body shape (including choosing the right styles, accessories, and pattern sizes for your frame). 

Finally, you're ready to GLOW! We'll complete your head to toe transformation with The Fabulous Face where we'll let your face shape guide us to your best hairstyle, eyewear, and makeup application (I'll send you my Secret Weapon Makeup Kit!). 
After you sign up, I'll email you a link to fill out the pre-appointment questionnaire for Step 1 so we can get started! You don't need to bring anything for our meeting. The video will be on so that I can verify your correct colors, and I will be sharing my screen so you can see your custom presentation (which you'll receive a copy of).


The Style Statement ($95 value)
The Color Experience ($247 value)
The Style Experience ($275 value)
The Fabulous Face ($197 value)

Total value of $814
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