I'm here to make sure you and your wedding day are as beautiful as possible, and make the statement you want to say. It all starts with color; sure, you can choose your favorite, trendiest colors from Pinterest. But if you want to really glow on your wedding day, the colors around you matter. We all look more stunning in certain colors rather than others; I'll help you choose your very best color palette so that YOU, not your decor, are the focus of the day. But a truly beautifully styled event can't stop there - we need to carry your style vision through to every detail, from the wedding party's attire, to the flowers, linens, stationary, even the glassware, so that your event truly makes the statement that you want it to say.

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I'll help You Make a Statement!

Bridal Stylist  

I'll design + style every detail so you can just show up + enjoy!

I have degrees/certifications in fashion merchandising, image consulting and skincare.

I'm a stylist

Certified through Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), I can design your dream wedding!

I'm a designer

I can design your flowers, or work with your florist to ensure this central design element screams YOU. 

i'm a florist

You’re trying to plan the wedding of your dreams, but what do you do when that dream comes in multiple color palettes and Pinterest keeps feeding you new ideas with every refresh?? It can be hard enough deciding what you like best, but then you realize you're not just planning for you; you have the voices of your fiancé, your mom, your families, your friends, your vendors, and your third cousin twice removed providing advice and opinions as well. So how do you design the wedding that best represents who you are as a couple? With a guide! Carefully curating your Statement at the beginning of your planning process will help you determine exactly what your wedding will say to you and your guests. At the end of our curation process, you'll receive a custom Statement PDF with a design plan and color palette based on your color + style analysis. You'll have a plan in place for your perfect wedding that says exactly what you want!

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We both want you to look beautiful on your wedding day. But it's just one day of your life! This is one wedding service that will go beyond the day - you'll use it the rest of your life. After my professional color, body, and face analysis, I'll teach you which colors and styles help you look your best. You'll have confidence that your color palette, dress style, and accessories are perfect for you on your wedding day. And we can do this for your entire wedding party, ensuring that what they wear not only looks great on them, you look great next to them too.

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When you choose a Statements-designed event, you’re choosing to experience the design process rather than muddle through it. With a myriad of color, flower, and style choices, how do you choose? Your unique coloring and style are unlike anyone else's - so your wedding should reflect that! We'll start with your color + style analysis to choose your best color palette and style vision (your "Statement") based on your coloring and personal style. Then I'll guide you in your bridal + wedding party outfit styling, to make sure you look amazing, they look amazing, and you look amazing next to them. Finally, I'll design and style* your event to make sure your Statement shines through every detail - I want your event to be picture-perfect! *All meetings are virtual, on-site styling available (travel fees included).

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I catch myself looking at my wedding photos and thinking “Was this really MY wedding?” Everything they made for me was picture perfect. I can’t thank them enough!

- Heather + Ivan

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