April 18, 2023

Which COLOR PALETTE should you choose?

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As soon as you get engaged, you’re going to start getting asked a few things over and over: “when is the big day?!”, “which colors did you choose?”, and “what’s your theme?” In fact, if you just got engaged, you’re asking yourself those same questions!

If that’s you, I’m going to help you answer the big color question – as well as all the other questions that come with it, like these:

  • How exactly do you choose your color palette, anyway?
  • Is there a “right” choice?
  • How do I choose colors that are “up to date” but won’t look “dated” in a few years?
  • I want my wedding to be unique – what if I choose colors that end up being trendy and everyone else picks them too?

I have a foolproof way to prevent you from worrying about any of this! But first, let me explain what the usual process is…

The usual process:

Most brides, when starting to think about planning their wedding, will look for inspiration in magazines, bridal shows, social media, recent weddings they’ve been to, and most importantly: PINTEREST! They see what ideas are out there, and then pick what they like (which is usually the really pretty and hopefully less popular color scheme. They’re seeing it around, yet it’s under the radar enough that they don’t think everybody else is choosing it too. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of this. But let me tell you, I’ve seen too many brides do this, AND THEN CHANGE THEIR MINDS. And when you’ve already made a lot of plans based on the first choice, it can get super expensive (not to mention time consuming) to change it all!

So ok, we don’t want that. How do we prevent it?

Well, the answer is to know your personal coloring and style. Those never go out of fashion!! So yes, there IS a right choice – and that is to mirror the coloring and style you’ve already got. We’ve all been given unique color characteristics (our hair, skin, and eyes) with different contrast levels, varying from high contrast (think black and white) to low contrast (think white and off-white).

Even though I’m a wedding planner, I got certified in color analysis for the specific reason that YOUR COLOR PALETTE MATTERS! The specific colors you choose to surround yourself with on your wedding day should complement your personal coloring. When we wear (or surround ourselves with) our BEST colors, our face will be the first thing people notice – not our clothes, not our wrinkles, not our dull skin, not our blemishes. Instead, our skin glows more brightly, our complexion smooths out, and they just see US looking beautiful and put together! And we want that everyday – but definitely on our wedding day when all eyes are on the bride.. right?

So when you choose your best colors (more on that in a second), you solve the remaining two questions:

  • How do I choose colors that are “up to date” but won’t look “dated” in a few years? When you choose colors that are YOUR colors and reflect your personal style, they will be timeless, because it’s what you love. It doesn’t matter which trends come and go – your choices are based on YOUR style. And although our styles change and evolve over time (maybe it’s time for an update right now?), our personal style changes much more slowly and isn’t susceptible to fads or trends. So choose what you love, and you won’t have any regrets!
  • I want my wedding to be unique – what if I choose colors that end up being trendy and everyone picks them? Again, your colors reflect YOU. When you know your why for choosing them, it doesn’t matter if someone comes along after you and picks them too. You choose them based on your unique coloring and style, so it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing (or not doing). If your choices happen to become trendy, remember imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

So how do you know what your best colors are?

I have a couple ways you can discover your best colors so that you can choose your best color palette: the DIY (do it yourself) way, and the DFY (done for you) way.

The DIY way

  1. You can take a free quiz from Style By Color, the company I was certified in color analysis/image consulting by. It will tell you which color code you are, and briefly explain what is unique about your specific color characteristics, and the overall color scheme you want to stay in. Now, keep in mind, this quiz is only about 98% accurate (it is a computer, after all). When I take the test myself, it actually puts me in the complete opposite category than I really am! So I highly recommend doing the verification option for $35 – you can either find a consultant on the site, or contact me and I can do that so you know the advice it gives you really is for you.
  2. Once you know your color code, we have color swatches to show you your best colors! There’s two types: physical, which are 36 of your best colors ($35) or digital, which include the main 36 plus each season’s trending colors best for you ($19). Again, you can get them on the site or get them through me directly – but when you purchase the physical swatches from me, you get the digital for free! The physical are the easiest to play around with to find new color combinations – just take your favorite colors off the ring and see what you like together!
Swatches of my best colors

If you want to delve more deeply into discovering your personal colors and style, and would rather have it done for you, then go this route:

The DFY way

  1. We can achieve all of the above, plus more, in my Statement service. You’ll complete a questionnaire that helps me identify the coloring of both you AND your fiance, as well as each of your preferences for colors and design aesthetics, and your love story. No matter what you do, your wedding will make a STATEMENT, so by considering all of the above, we’ll be making sure your wedding says exactly what you want it to!
  2. We’ll meet (virtually) to discuss your color analysis, and I’ll give you a chart of the best colors for both you AND your fiance from each of your swatches (including metallics, neutrals, and contrast levels). We’ll discuss common themes between your style and your story, and start to see your “Statement” emerge.
  3. Then, once you’ve finalized your color palette choice, I’ll present you with your Statement document, summarizing your colors and style. Essentially, it is the master plan for how you want your wedding to look and feel. And with it in hand, making wedding decisions as well as communicating your vision to planning partners or vendors becomes so much simpler!
Discover your best wedding colors and style

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