June 2, 2023

Wedding Planner vs. Coordinator; what’s the difference?!

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Planner vs. Coordinator

Wedding planner and wedding coordinator are often used interchangeably, but there’s a huge difference! And it’s really simple – you don’t even have to keep reading this article, because I’ll tell you right now: the answer’s in their names. A planner PLANS and a coordinator COORDINATES. Easy, right?

The next one’s a tougher question: how do you know which you need? Let’s dive into the roles of each one, and it’ll be easier to see which is the right fit for you.


Your wedding planner will help you PLAN every. single. detail. They should be the very first vendor you look for (even before your venue) because she/he/they will be your best guide as you plan. They can help you choose your color palette and design style, divide your budget into the right amount for each category, and then lead you to the best vendors that can execute your vision within budget. You can determine how much you want to be involved in the planning process, which is essential for brides who don’t have the time or desire to plan all the details themselves. Another plus is that they will be there on the day of to coordinate (see below) and execute the vision they have helped create. This ensures the one in charge the day-of knows all the ins and outs of the plan without you having to communicate or delegate to anyone.


Your wedding coordinator will COORDINATE the last 4-6 weeks, after you’ve planned it all out. They’ll take over the final details so you can turn your focus to being the bride! The closer you get to wedding day, the crazier things get. Your coordinator will take many of these stresses off your plate, including getting final guest counts, timelines, and details to all your vendors. By having a coordinator oversee your vendors, making sure they know everything they need to know, your wedding can run smoothly and you won’t have to deal with that stress. You already have a lot to deal with those last few weeks (like where is Aunt Edna sleeping, who’s picking up the Best Man from the airport, and what weather to plan for on your honeymoon). Your coordinator runs the rehearsal (to work out timing and placement of your bridal party) and the day-of (to make sure your vendors do what they said they would and everything runs smoothly). Note: I did NOT say “everything runs on time.” This is your party – if you want to spend a few extra minutes lingering with your new spouse at your sunset photos, or dancing the night away instead of cutting the music when planned, you should! Find a coordinator and vendors who will be as flexible or rigid about your timeline as you want.

If you’re looking for a planner or coordinator, I’d love to talk to you! Based out of Hope, Idaho, I plan remotely and travel to you for the rehearsal/day-of. Send me an inquiry to get my price list with details about my planning and coordinating services.

Wedding planner coordinator pinning corsage on mother of the bride
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