November 14, 2022

Before you get engaged – read this!

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Your secret is safe with me – I won’t tell anyone that you’re looking at wedding planning ideas before you’re actually engaged! I was a wedding planner for over a decade, and let me assure you: you’re not alone!

In fact, I applaud you!! I’m going to give you two good reasons why you want to start your planning NOW. Yes, you have official permission. By the time you’re done reading, I think you’re going to be really glad you started early.

My fist reason is this:

1) Color Matters

We all have certain colors and shades of color we look best in. And we also all have certain colors, or shades, that age us. Those colors make any little imperfection stand out (blemishes, wrinkles, scars, etc.), making us look tired and washed out. But our best colors make us look younger, fresher, and give us a healthy glow! It’s amazing how something as simple as the colors we wear can do those things.

But you might be wondering: “What does this matter on my wedding day? I’ll be wearing white!”

Well, can you tell me this: is white or ivory best for you? Also, colorful wedding dresses are very “in” right now – are you considering a colorful gown, sash, or other accessory? Let me remind you: your groom’s tux/suit color matters – not just for him, but for you – because your face will be up against it constantly!

And then there’s the most colorful parts of your wedding: your bridesmaids dresses and floral decor. Both of these can either make your beautiful, unique coloring “pop” or look positively dreadful. So the answer is: you absolutely want to know what your best colors are before you choose your wedding color palette. But there’s one more reason you want to know your best colors before you get engaged…

Your ring color! Every color code looks best with certain metallics. Before you choose gold, silver, or one of the many other options, it’s best if you know your color code so you know what color of metallic is best for you. By finding out NOW, you can prevent finding out LATER that your color code should stick to silver only, when you’ve already chosen a gold ring.

Now for my second reason:

2) Style Matters

Another thing you want to know before you get the ring and start planning is: what’s your personal style? Believe me, it’s much easier to plan your wedding if you know the answer to this. As soon as you start searching a wedding idea on Pinterest, it’ll start feeding you 50 more images just like it, and it’s so easy to get convinced that THAT’S the best idea. But in order for that to be a great idea for you, it has to line up with your personal style. When I design a wedding, I start with a Statement. This Statement is based off a detailed interview I do with the couple to find out who they are and what they want their event to say to them and their guests. I then create a master vision board that outlines their plan for everything, from the color palette to the linen texture. That way, when the couple is getting planning advice from Pinterest, a family member, or even another wedding they’ve attended, they won’t be swayed by ideas that aren’t true to THEM. This Statement vision board makes the rest of the planning a piece of cake!

So please – know your colors and style before you get engaged! It will mean that when you do get your perfect-metallic-for-you-ring, you can start planning your event confidently and decisively. Here are the links to learn more and sign up for my Mini Styling, Color + Face (learn your color code), or Image (learn your style) services. Keep in mind, every change of idea will cost you something while you’re planning. But knowing your colors and style will save you money and time!

If you’re already engaged, my bridal services can help no matter what stage of planning you’re in. From simply creating your Statement so that you have focus and direction, to designing your bridal style and wedding party looks, or designing and styling your entire event (including your bridal and wedding party style, decor and florals for your wedding day), I’ll make sure your event says everything you want it to!!

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