June 21, 2022

On-trend: are you trendy or timeless?

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How’s your relationship with trends? Some women LOVE being trendy – they stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest, and know what’s “in” and what’s “out.” Which is quite the feat, since trends change faster than our weather here in north Idaho 😀

But then there’s those of us who don’t care. The constant change is too fast, too expensive, and/or too much for us to keep up with.

In honor of the first day of summer, I’m going to unveil 5 fashion trends for the season – but first, here’s my take on why we should even care.

I’ve always been a “slow adopter” of new fashion; I would rather buy higher quality (therefore, more expensive), timeless pieces that I can keep wearing season after season. When skinny jeans came into fashion, I laughed at them (from the comfort of my flare-leg jeans). Now, skinny jeans are all I wear, and bell-bottoms are back. Oi vei.

However you feel about trends, there’s a time and a place for them.

You may love trends a little too much and need to rein in your enthusiasm – just because it’s “trendy” doesn’t mean it’s right for you! Does it really represent your style? Creating a personal style means developing an editor’s eye regarding your fashion choices.

You may avoid trends at all cost, yet it’s costing you your sense of fashion. It’s so easy to create a comfortable little rut out of what we like, and 10 years later we’re still wearing the same things. Except now they’re stained and have holes.

I’m happy to say, we can be on-trend AND comfortable! Have our own unique style AND look up-to-date! We can be trendy OR timeless, but either can (and should) be on-trend, and not sacrifice our own personal style. If that seems impossible, I’ll help walk you through it! With my easy style statement programs, you’ll quickly be navigating the trends and having fun with them too. And BONUS – your color swatches get updates every season, so you not only know what colors are on trend, but you know they’ll look great on you because you only get the swatches for your unique color code! That’s pretty amazing; we can stay on trend without any of the guesswork.

So decide what your relationship is with trends first, and then consider this list of 5 summer trends. You can incorporate one or all into your wardrobe to bring it up-to-date in a way that’s entirely YOU!

5 Trends for Summer 2022

1 – PEARLS: As mentioned in my previous post, pearls are so in, dahling. You can add them anywhere, from detailing on the fabric to full-on necklace strands. Just make sure the neckline is the right length for you.

2 – VERI PERI: Pantone’s color of the year 2022 is (drumroll please) veri peri! This color is GORGEOUS and PTL, looks great on everybody! All the other trend colors for the season look great on some, but not everyone, so your seasonal color swatches will only have your BEST colors (in Style Statement: Color, we’ll discover your unique color code so you know what color swatches are yours). But everybody gets veri peri!

3 – DENIM SKIRTS: Dark wash is also on-trend, but any kind of denim skirt will do. You probably already have one in the back of your closet from the 90s – perfect! Make sure the hemline falls within your diamonds, otherwise it will make you look dowdy (don’t know where yours are? Schedule an image consultation and we’ll find your diamonds).

4 – DISTRESSED HEMLINES: This one is constantly changing from season to season; one minute it’s in, the next minute it’s out. So for right now, distress away! And in a minute, when that changes, just tuck them away in your closet. They’ll be back.

5 – PATTERNS: tie die, gingham, checkered, polka dot, watercolor, kitschy 80’s floral, screen print, fruit stripes, animal. Did I leave anything out? No? Ok good. It’s all in. And bigger is better – just don’t go too big for your frame size!

There you go! 5 on-trend styles you can incorporate into your summer closet. Just be careful; most of them can look wrong if it’s the wrong size or length, but can look amazing when it’s the right size or length. So don’t disregard a trend right away if it doesn’t look right! In Style Statement Level 2: Image, we’ll discuss your frame size so you always know what pattern size, accessory size, hem-length, and necklace length to choose! That way, whether you’re trendy OR timeless, you’ll always look amazing.

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